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TerraÇade a new terracotta façade system, designed for commercial projects and custom designed residential projects, has been launched by Austral Bricks.

Manufactured from clay, the system was designed in close consultation with one of Australia’s leading architects.

According to Brett Ward, Austral’s marketing manager, TerraÇade is a unique Australian made terracotta façade produced after 12 months of intensive research and development.

“This is a real breakthrough which will give architects and designers an innovative clay product that will provide the natural beauty and aesthetic appeal of terracotta to their projects.

“It is simple and easy to install via an aluminium extruded rail and can be constructed up to 40 storeys due to its unique design.

“Because it is kiln fired, natural clay it will never fade or weather and has a maintenance free finish, guaranteed to last the life of the project” said Brett Ward.

TerraÇade is currently available in two grid sizes 600mm x 150mm and 300mm x 150mm. There are five, rich natural colours to select from including, red, cream, charcoal, alabaster and salmon in either a smooth or lined format texture.

“This brilliant new, durable product is flexible enough to allow architects to design projects with individual façades. With a choice of five colours and two textures, stunning architectural effects can be achieved.

“The individuality of the TerraÇade Façade System is reinforced by the fact that manufacture of the product will be on a project by project basis.

“This will build a strong, working relationship between the designing architect and Austral architectural consultants to ensure the right outcome aesthetically and technically for the project” Brett Ward added.

TerraÇade has been fully tested against Australian Standard AS/NZS 4284-1995, Testing of Building Façades for water penetration and structural integrity. Test certificates are available.

“TerraÇade is manufactured in one of Australia’s most modern terracotta tile making facilities and is a unique Australian made terracotta façade system. We are very excited by its launch because of the beautiful and creative finishes it offers for major projects”.

Posted November 2002

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