Off-Site Intumescent Coating for Structural Steel - Project

Nullifire S609 is a thin film intumescent coating for the passive protection of structural and interior steelwork and provides up to 2 hours fire protection.

The coating is fast drying and provides a durable robust finish that is resistant to damage and wear from transport and service. It can be applied by airless spry techniques or other automated processes.

In a fire, the coating expands to several times its original thickness, producing a foam-like insulating layer or ‘char’ to protect the underlying steel from the effect of the heat.

The coating comprises three layers. A primer which serves to protect against corrosion and provide a key for the base coat. The base coat which provides the intumescent properties and a top coat to which protects the base coat from mechanical damage and provides a decorative finish.

Nullifire S609 has been evaluated in accordance with BS476:Part 21 using a range of substrates and profiles.

Posted February 2002

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