Dunster Bypasses Developers with Green Housing Scheme

Dunster Bypasses Developers With Green Housing Scheme


The architect behind the ‘Bedzed’ project, Bill Dunster, has developed a plan to offer a range of green homes to the public whilst bypassing the traditional housebuilder. 30 homes are to built near Cambridge, a brownfield site that meets the zero energy criteria and a further 200 may be developed on a site in south London.

Dunster has been unable to secure conventional funding for the carbon neutral development and has, therefore, introduced a sign-up scheme. Once enough ‘buyers’ have signed up for a home, the development will begin. The scheme will be realised by Dunster’s design-and-build package consisting of a project team, contractor and consultant.

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Primary author(s): Lane, T

Source: Building
             Vol 268, Iss 8629, 07 February 03


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