Catalogue Of Building Elements Structural Details With Hemp Insulating Materials And D-7-3 Guideline


D-7-2 The catalogue of building elements puts together 40 different examples of building components in order to show the variety of the possible applications. The data sheet is set up with the detail drawing and the respective physical-construction parameters beside comments. A series of tests of building components have delivered the measurement values. This application-catalogue is supplemented with guidelines for installation that give information about application areas, delivery volumes, planning and installation of the hemp-insulation materials.

D-7-3 Guidelines for installing material description, guidelines for the building site It is very important that workers know how to install hemp insulation products. In this brochure 7 different insulation products made of hemp are described. You can find the following information for each hemp insulation product:

- Area of application;
- Suitability and use;
- Building physical properties;
- Manufacturing method-measurements;
- Delivery program;
- Recommendation for installing;
- Information for planning.

Source: EU RTD Abstracts

             Record Control Number: 28615

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