Polycarbonate Encapsulated Solar Cells - News Item

Photo: Bayer AG

Collaboration between Bayer AG and Sunovation Gesselschaft fur regenerative Energiesysteme GmbH have a co-operative co-branding agreement. The result arrangement has resulted in the production of photovoltaic modules.

The solar cell modules are suitable for use in self sufficient lighting systems with in-built power supplies. Applications include industrial construction, roofs, shade installations, illuminated displays, automotive ventilation and sunroofs systems and marine applications.

The modules are protected from environments such as salt water by encapsulation with Bayer’s Makrolon, a commercial polycarbonate. Modules can be either clear or tinted, in a variety or arrangements and sizes up to 3x1m. They can also be bent to a minimum radius of 1.6m

Posted February 2002

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