Clay Tiled Roof And Fire Protection


Fire protection of roofing and steep-pitched clay tiled roofs is discussed, looking in turn at terminology, preventive fire protection in the developed attic storey, and construction details for preventive fire protection.  Within the next few years, European regulations will supersede German regulations in the fire protection standard  DIN 4102.  Clay roofing tiles belong to the category of "hard" roofing, i.e., roof coverings which are resistant to radiating heat and flying sparks.  In Germany, when considering individual cases, it is essential to refer to the respective Federal State Building Regulations, since the  Standard Building Regulations (MBO) are differently interpreted by each.  Statements by fire insurance companies  must also be taken into consideration.  The so-called fire resistance classification can only be determined in the entire construction, and not be based on statements on individual materials alone. 

Primary author(s): Zanger H

                            Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ziegeldach eV

Source: ZI-Annual. Annual for the Brick and Tile, Structural

            Bauverlag GmbH,Wiesbaden & Berlin,2002,p.88-102

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