Methodology For The Analysis And Assessment Of Bearing Brick Masonry


A methodology for evaluating the loadbearing capacity and safety of brick masonry structures is presented.  The extraction of samples is discussed, looking at brick strength, the granulometric distribution and mix composition  of the mortars, mortar strength, and estimation of the compressive strength of the brickwork.  Structural assessment is discussed.  A case study of a historic 19th century Spanish building is then presented.  Conclusions are  drawn.  Assessment can be carried out following the guidelines of Code NBE FL-90 "Resistant Walls of Brick Masonry".  Some recommendations are made.  7 refs.

Primary author(s): Gutierrez J P, Garcia D, Nasarre P

                            Instituto Eduardo Torroja

Source: 12th Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc. Vol.2

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.829-839

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