Crystile: The Versatile Slab


Crystile is a new, high-quality product from Siti developed  from the concept of creating large thickness slabs consisting solely of frit. Slabs of dimensions from 600 x 900 mm to 1000 x 2000 mm and of approximately 20 mm thickness are produced through fusion of a special frit in a  mould made of refractory material.  The slabs are fired in a  roller kiln, where suitably engobed refractory supports are carried on the kiln rollers.  The fusion process creates a granulose, compact translucent material with a continuous ceramic fabric suitable for an enormous range of applications.  Firing in a tunnel or chamber kiln produces a  uniform lattice that enhances translucency.  Siti, in cooperation with Colorobbia, has long been experimenting with different materials and chromatic effects and has produced frits of various compositions with colours that vary according to applications.  Specific studies have been conducted into the origin of nucleation, the essential process that gives rise to Crystile's internal structure.

Primary author(s): Berther G, Generali E

                            SITI, Colorobbia Italia

Source: Ceram.World Rev.


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