Unisol Project: The New Flooring System


Some of the factors which determine how well building work is carried out are discussed, looking at the role of the designer, material manufacturer and building firm.  The UniSOL Project was conceived with the aim of eliminating barriers between these groups of people, enabling building operations to be more efficient, it is a model which is applicable to any type of product or building activity.  The  development of the UniSOL flooring system, which relies on lightweight masonry elements, is described.  It is a novel type of flooring system which helps to improve the performance characteristics of the practically obsolete "Bausta" type, yet with the same versatility and all in "total safety".  The fundamental masonry element is the KS joisted beam.  The development model for the UniSOL Project,  the Project's structure and operating roles (promoted by Gruppo Zanrosso, comprising a technical committee made up of  experts in the sector, includes personnel in charge of safety, as well as communication and image, promotion and technical assistance, a dealer for selling the UniSOL flooring), and general characteristics and performance (static behaviour, thermal resistance, acoustic insulation behaviour, fire resistance) are examined in turn.  Details are given of the UniSOL Flooring Accident Prevention Plan, which prescribes the safe use of UniSOL floors.   

Primary author(s): Righetti G

                            Assounisol srl

Source: Ind.Laterizi


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