New Concepts To Be Included In Standards On Enclosure Walls


In order to solve the difficulty of vertically reinforcing brickwork, which arises from the lack of vertical and continuous voids, a new technology for vertically reinforcing masonry walls was developed using redesigned masonry units and new prefabricated reinforcement in order to allow the reinforcement to be placed through lateral voids in the brick.  The combination of universal masonry units, so-named as it permits vertical reinforcement, together with traditional prefabricated bed-joint reinforcement, and the new reinforcing ribs embedded in large perforations which are opened out from the universal masonry unit, all serve to broaden the scope of application.  The incorporation of this new method of reinforcement by lateral access of new universal masonry units, together with  the latest types of prefabricated rib, all require new terminology and suitable inclusion within the building standards, since they will lead to substantial changes in building techniques and applications, and have a broad area of scope within Spanish enclosure walls.  1 ref.

Primary author(s): Adell J M

                            Madrid,Polytechnic University

Source: 12th IB2MaC. Twelfth Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc.

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.131-142

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