Integral Masonry System And The Contemporary Facade


When examining the symptomatic problems (cracking and collapse) of Spanish enclosure walls which had appeared in recent years, it was decided that a new building technology should be designed in order to confront these problems.  This gave rise to the use of reinforced masonry as the first  step in solving the problem.  This was subsequently supplemented by the Allwall Integral Masonry System which allows the vertical reinforcement of brick enclosure walls when necessary, in view of the need to leave horizontal movement joints below the slabs of framed structures.  When applying the system to recently designed components, it is possible to construct buildings of reinforced or unreinforced masonry, using universal units, bricks or blocks of any material, which may be vertically reinforced by rib reinforcement as and when necessary.  As such, the system may solve any situation where it is necessary to place specific reinforcement, always allowing for both the vertical modulation of the bed joints and the horizontal modulation of the masonry in question.  The three-dimensional reinforcement of the system makes it possible to build prefabricated walls on site or at the workshop.  The walls may be built in a horizontal, vertical or sloping directions, substantially simplifying bricklaying  and reducing labour costs.  The Integral Masonry System may be applied to all types of constructions and buildings.  1 ref.

Primary author(s): Adell J M

                            Madrid,Polytechnic University

Source: 12th IB2MaC. Twelfth Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc.

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.107-119

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