Costs Of Floor Covering Materials


Cost is a key factor in the choice of a floor covering material. However, material and installation costs by themselves are not sufficient to allow buyers to make a realistic comparison between the various options available.   A full economic assessment must take account of all costs in  any way associated with the floor covering. Besides the initial cost of products, this will also include the cost of  any major maintenance work that has to be carried out or replacement of the floor covering during the lifetime of the  building, which can be estimated at forty years.  The figures and information used for this study were obtained from a questionnaire-based survey of a representative sample  of flooring retailers operating throughout Italy.  After being processed, the results enabled a full economic comparison to be made between the various materials. 

Primary author(s): Meshref A E, Abu Laban S S, El-Kholi M B, Serry M A


Source: Cer Int.


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