Methodology For Diagnostics, Repair And Prevention Of Pathologies In Ceramic Facade Claddings


The development of a methodology for diagnosing, preventing  and repairing ceramic claddings on building facades, when these tilings exhibit pathologies, is described.  The work discusses the severest problem of ceramic tile facades: bond  failure.  The concepts of durability and service life are discussed, as well as the factors affecting both.  The parameters that allow the planner to define the cladding's design life, and the necessary procedures to transform this into the real service life of the ceramic facade subsystem, are established.  Based on the definition of these concepts,  a methodology is proposed that allows diagnosing the existing manifestations, establishing repair procedures and defining parameters to prevent their appearance, so that the  planned service life is actually achieved in practice.  10 refs.

Primary author(s): Campante E F; Paschoal J O A; Sabbatini F H

                            Centro Ceramico do Brasil; Sao Paulo,Escola Politecnica da

Source: Qualicer 2002. VII World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality. 

            Castellon,2002,p.P.GII 87-100

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