Goodbye, Reduction Flashing


There is high demand for flashed brick products due to the variegated colours and highlights.  Unfortunately, the reduction flashing process, in which the kiln is fired under  reducing conditions to obtain the flashed effect, is subject  to batch variability.  General Shale Brick (Tennessee) now use a new generation of applied flashes, in the form of an engobe, to successfully reproduce just about any reduction flashed colour or effect, without the drawbacks associated with reduction flashing.  The flashes can be economically sprayed onto the extruded brick column.  Alternative methods, such as a pump-and-roll system, are noted.  Experiences gained with the new flashing technology, and the  benefits obtained in terms of colour distribution, colour stability and reproducibility, are outlined.

Primary author(s): Grahl C L


Source: Ceram.Ind.


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