Compatibility Of Historic And Modern Lime Mortars


One of the requirements of modern mortars used for conservation and restoration works on historic monuments is that they must be compatible with the original masonry material.  The performance and appropriateness of the new mortars is usually judged on trial panels. The decision process comprises two features.  Firstly, the general properties, required of the new material should be clearly defined in advance and consequently evaluated.  Secondly, there should be a good, objective way in which the important  physical properties can be characterised.  Porosity and permeability can relate to the durability and weathering of the materials and their interaction with the original mortar  or masonry.  A comparison is made of modern lime pointing mortar and historic lime mortars.  For such purpose, a novel  method based on gas permeability measurements was developed.  It was used to evaluate trial panels made prior to consolidation work of "stone and lime" masonry of selected Scottish castles.  The modern and original mortars were measured and the results are presented and discussed.  Special attention is given to the final surface finish of lime mortars, which can have a crucial influence on the curing and maturing process of the modern mortars.  Abstract  only.

Primary author(s): Valek J; Hughes J J; Bartos P J M


Source: 12th Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc. Vol.III

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.1839

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