Influence Of Bed Joint Orientation On The Stress-strain Characteristics Of Sand Plast Brick ...


Simplified nonlinear stress-strain relations were derived for brick masonry constructed with sand plast (a form of calcium silicate) bricks based on the results of uniaxial tests on square panels with various angles of the bed joint to the horizontal including 0, 22.5, 45, 67.5 and 90 degrees.  The macroscopic elastic and inelastic strains were  calculated from displacement measurements over gauge lengths  which included a number of mortar joints.  Close agreement was seen for the initial elastic behaviour.  The nonlinear behaviour was significantly influenced by joint deformations.  A non-dimensional stress-strain relationship of brickwork under uniaxial compressive loading is presented.  Empirical equations were developed on the basis of the test data to estimate shear strength and compressive strength as functions of normal stress and orientation of normal stress with respect to the bed joint direction. Both equations were shown to be non-linear.  The variation of lateral strain with axial strain was also addressed.  Comparisons were made with work on sand plast brick masonry for loads normal and parallel to the bed joint.  23 refs.

Primary author(s): Senthivel R; Sinha S N; Madan A

                            Indian Institute of Technology

Source: 12th Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc. Vol.III

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.1655-1666

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