New Design Model For Structural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Grouted Brick Panel Walls And ...


German standard DIN 4159 specifies the construction of prefabricated brick panel walls and brick element floor systems using specially formed bricks with in-filled reinforced concrete.  In the case of bending moments or of large eccentric vertical loads, these systems are designed according to the standard DIN 1045.  A problem arises in that the design model of these systems does not consider the  most recent developments in building materials (brick and concrete). Improvements in brick geometry and compressive strength, as well as the use of high-quality concrete, should increase the load-bearing capacity which, however, is  not proved by experimental tests or by a behaviour model.  The structural behaviour of these brick wall and floor systems was checked by beam tests.  The objective was to develop a new design model for bending, shear and deformation with respect to the different material properties of concrete and brick. Thus, the structural behaviour of these systems is described more exactly and it is possible to combine different strengths of building materials.  In addition, the new design model enlarges the scope and competitiveness of these systems. Abstract only.

Primary author(s): Schatz M

                            Munich,Technical University

Source: 12th Int.Brick/Block Masonry Conf. Proc. Vol.III

            Madrid,25-28 June 2000,p.1615

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