Mathematical Description Of The Influence Of Raw Material Characteristics And Firing Process ...


The composition of raw materials and maximum firing temperatures have a great influence on the characteristics of ceramic roofing tiles. During the firing process, various  chemical reactions and phase transformations take place which mainly include clay minerals, carbonates and fine particles of quartz and feldspars.  The new product phases and structure affect the properties of the final product, particularly its resistance to temperature fluctuations.  A mathematical correlation among the properties of the raw materials, firing process parameters, and mechanical characteristics of the final products is presented.  This correlation emphasises the significance of the mineralogical  composition, the amount of carbonates, and the fraction of particles <2 micron. 9 refs.

Primary author(s): Vojnic S; Ranogajec J; Kasas K; Mesaros A B; Djuric M

                            Novi Sad,University; Kanjiza,Factory of Heavy Clay Products

Source: Tile Brick Int.


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