Acoustic Insulation Of Internal Brick Walls: Test Measurements And Prediction Methods


A series of acoustic measurements was made on different brick walls in order to obtain results on the sound reduction index and to establish a simplified model (which was subsequently verified on brick structures) for estimating in-situ acoustic insulation.  The 14 wall partitions (homogeneous; multi-layered; and experimental walls) subjected to testing were chosen in order to provide a representative group of different types, thickness values and surface masses.  Many of the wall types gave sound reduction single number ratings of over 50 dB.  The results are largely in line with those previously obtained.  The established model identified several building types with internal vertical walls capable of guaranteeing, in typical situations, acoustic insulation above or equal to 50 dB.  12  refs.

Primary author(s): Albatici R; Di Bella A; Fausti P; Frattari A; Nicosia G;

                            Ferrara,University; Padua,University; Trento,University;

Source: Ind.Laterizi


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