Lightened Plaster-based Composite Materials: Elaboration And Mechanical Properties


Characterisation by means of physical and chemical analyses  of natural gypsum (precursor of plaster) and perlite was undertaken. Combination of these two ingredients to produce a plaster-based composite material was achieved.  The analyses indicate that the gypsum is of high chemical purity.  Compression and flexural tests show that under defined elaboration conditions (tempering conditions, concentration and grain size distribution of perlite), it is  possible to obtain valuable lightened materials without appreciable reduction in the usual mechanical properties.  9  refs.

Primary author(s): Gmouh A; Samdi A; Moussa R; Gomina M

                            Casablanca,Faculte des Sciences Ain Chok; Caen,Laboratoire

Source: Silic.Ind.


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