Ceramic Tilings, Finishes With A Future?


The main applications for ceramic tiles are reviewed, looking in turn at envelopes and enclosures, flooring in industry and architecture accessed by the public, partitions  and interior cladding, hydrothermal installations (spa facilities and swimming pools) and urban furniture. The limitations and possibilities of ceramic coverings in current building construction, both with a high technological content and based on conventional construction  methods, are pointed out.  The former affords real market opportunities in direct adhesion tile installation or addressing prefabrication.  The ceramic tile sector should implement a deep transformation of its commercial structures  with a view to adapting to industrialised construction.  Ceramic systems will need to break new ground amongst alternative materials designed for the same purpose, which compete in price and supply/installation logistics.  Steps which the ceramics industry should take are finally noted.  Statistics on top tile consuming and producing countries are  given.  16 refs.

Primary author(s): Palomero M D V

                            Castellon,Institut de Promocio Ceramica

Source: Qualicer 2002. VII World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality.

            Castellon,2002,p.P.GII 153-175

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