Innovative Roofing Tile Drying Technology At The Roofing Tile Plant Nibra


Roofing tile manufacturer Nibra, based in Gross Ammensleben, Germany, has succeeded in making a roofing tile  (DS5) with a size of 60 x 38 cm.  With only 5.5 pieces needed to cover a square metre, this is the largest roofing tile in the world.  The specific weight is less than 30 kg/m2.  A Keller tunnel dryer with a stationary jet wall is used to dry the tiles.  The products are stored on pallets and travel on dryer cars through the dryer.  The dryer technology, including air circulation system and air speed distribution system, is described and illustrated.  A computer simulation of the air speed distribution is shown.   Very even drying is achieved in the products.  With a drying  time of 12 h, daily production reaches 53000 pieces.   

Primary author(s): Husing R; Juchter M

                            Keller HCW GmbH

Source: Tile Brick Int.


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