Whole House Construction Of Aircrete Units To Produce A Low Energy Building


A demonstration house was built from autoclaved aerated concrete ( aircrete ), with the objective of constructing a low energy, airtight building with good acoustic insulation using rapid building techniques which showed the potential of various forms of masonry. Finish techniques were used, with modifications to meet UK requirements. Thin-joint mortar techniques were used to enhance thermal insulation and to minimise building time. Both solid and cavity wall constructions were used with reinforced, pre-fabricated floors and roof. Aircrete internal walls and stairs were also used. No temporary support was required during construction. 7 refs.

Primary author(s): Fudge C A;Lowther D

Source: Masonry ( 9 ). Proc.6th Int.Masonry Conf.

             London, 4-6 November 2002, p.172-176. Ed: G Thompson. ( British Masonry Society )


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