Structural Behaviour Of Dry-stack Interlocking Block Walling Systems Subject To In-plane Loading


A series of dry-stack (mortarless) interlocking block wall systems 3 x 2.50 m were tested under centric loading.  Hydraform compressed earth-cement blocks stacked in stretcher bond without mortar were used.  Further tests were  also conducted on wall prisms (wallettes) consisting of 4 or  8 blocks.  A conventional masonry block wall panel of similar unit strength was also tested for comparison.  The experimental set-up is outlined and the failure loads, typical crack patterns  and general structural behaviour of the dry-stack walling systems under in-plane loading are reported.  The test results were used as a basis for the development of an analytical model for predicting the load capacity of the dry-stack systems.  6 refs.

Primary author(s): Uzoegbo H C; Ngowi J V

                            Johannesburg,University of the Witwatersrand

Source: Masonry (9). Proc.6th Int.Masonry Conf.

            London,4-6 November 2002,p.498-502

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