3d Model For Non-linear "microscopic" Fe Analysis Of Masonry Structures


A non-linear 3D finite element model for the "microscopic" analysis of masonry structures subject to static and seismic  loads is presented. The model considers masonry as a two-phase material, treating bricks and mortar joints separately, thus allowing for non-linear deformation characteristics and progressive local failure of both bricks  and mortar joints.  The influence of the mortar joints is taken into account by using "interface" elements to simulate  the time-dependent sliding and separation along the interfaces. Analytical and experimental solutions available in the literature were used to verify the results obtained from the model, showing that it is capable of a high degree of accuracy.  15 refs.

Primary author(s): Tzamtzis A D; Asteris P G

                            Athens,Technological Educational Institution

Source: Masonry (9). Proc.6th Int.Masonry Conf.

            London,4-6 November 2002,p.493-497

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