Effect Of Bonding On The Structural Behaviour Of Masonry Panels


Brick walls with different bonding patterns were subject to  lateral loads, and their response up to failure was assessed.  Six wall prototypes, differing from each other in  the bonding pattern, were tested.  Some of the more typical bonds are considered.  The aim of this experimental study is  to enable a better understanding of the correlation between the articulation of the bonding structure (masonry texture of the wall) and the mechanical behaviour (strength, stiffness, ultimate deformability) of typical masonry panels.  The modelling of a whole masonry building (e.g., finite element modelling) should account for such relationships that conversely cannot be obtained by non-destructive in-situ testing.  15 refs.

Primary author(s): Faccio P; Foraboschi P; Vanin A


Source: Masonry (9). Proc.6th Int.Masonry Conf.

            London,4-6 November 2002,p.132-139

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