Non-linear Analysis Of Masonry Shear Walls


A new methodology for the non-linear macroscopic analysis of unreinforced masonry (URM) shear walls under biaxial stress using the finite element method is presented.  The methodology focuses on the definition/specification of the yield surface for the case of anisotropic masonry under biaxial stress, as well as on the numerical solution of this  non-linear problem.  Specifically, in order to define the yield surface, a cubic tensor polynominal is used, and the initial stress method is applied in order to solve the elasto-plastic problem.  In addition, a novel computer code of finite elements was developed in order to implement the proposed method.  The main advantage of the method is that the formulation of the plasticity equations through a regular yield surface eliminates problems associated with the use of a singular surface.  Furthermore, it is clearly shown that the non-linear behaviour of URM is strongly affected by the yield criterion used.  18 refs.

Primary author(s): Asteris P G; Tzamtzis A D

                            Athens,Technological Educational Institution

Source: Masonry (9). Proc.6th Int.Masonry Conf.

            London,4-6 November 2002,p.1-6

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