Extension of PNV model to non-air conditioned buildings in warm climates


States the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) model agrees well with high-quality field studies in buildings with HVAC systems situated in cold, temperature and warm climates. In non-air conditioned buildings in warm climates, occupants may sense the warmth as being less severe than the PMV predicts. States the main reason is low expectations, but a metabolic rate that is estimated too high can also contribute to explaining the difference. Reports an extension of the PMV model that includes an expectancy factor which is introduced for use in non-air conditioned buildings in warm climates. Finds that the extended model agrees well with quality field studies in non-air conditioned buildings of three continents.

Primary Author(s): Fanger P O, Toftum J

Source: Energy Bldgs., July 2002, vol.34, no.6, 533-536, 1 fig, 3 tabs, 20 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103619 Abs 20020653

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