Influence of clearances on the energy performance of window-type air-conditioners at the same level


Describes a study on the outdoor airflow around air-conditioners in residential buildings and the related thermal phenomena.  Uses CFD code FLUENT in order to predict the airflow patterns around air-conditioners in 20 installation configurations of window-type air-conditioners which embrace different shapes of clearances around the air-conditioners that are on the same storey in a building. States that provisions made in the building envelope design are often inadequate, particularly the clearances for intake and disposal of outdoor air for condenser cooling.

Primary Author(s): Bojic M., Burnett J, et al.

Source: Bldg. Environ., July 2002. vol. 37, no. 7, 713-726, 9 figs, 1 tabs., refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103996 Abs 20022483

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