Stadia and leisure centres


Special feature on stadia and leisure comprising three separate articles looking at the design and construction of the stadium for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the future of sports halls, and the environmental requirements of sports stadia. In Doing the Double in Manchester, Andrew Woodhouse provides an insight into the services design for the 2002 Commonwealth Games stadium, and how the design will enable the building to be transformed into a football stadium when the Games are over. In Raising the Game, Stephen Kennett describes a new design of off-the-shelf sports hall that includes all drawings, specifications and bills of quantities. The article describes how the Optimum Sports Hall works in practice. In Lighting the Match, Paul Haddlesey analyses the lighting requirements of sports stadia, including the special design of floodlights to reduce light pollution, colour rendering and continuity of power supplies.

Primary Author(s): Woodhouse A, Kennett S, Haddlesey P.

Source: Bldg. Serv. J. CIBSE, July 2002, vol.24, no.7, 31-42, 11 illus.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000104060 Abs 20022406

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