Applicability of daylighting computer modelling in real case studies: comparison between measured...


Investigates the accuracy of the Adeline lighting software in simulating the illuminance distribution from daylighting and the electrical lighting consumption of an existing atrium building equipped with an automatic on/off lighting control system and roofed by a skylight made of several glazing systems. Field monitoring of the atrium was carried out in summer and winter and included measurements of horizontal indoor and outdoor illuminance, solar radiation and electrical lighting system time-of-use. The computer simulation included the creation of one simple and one complex computer model used to simulate the daylighting performance of the atrium space. States the software accuracy was evaluated based on comparisons between the predicted and the on-site measured illuminance distribution and lighting energy consumption. Provides and discusses the results. Concludes it may be difficult for untrained users of the software to obtain the best accuracy for a given daylighting situation.

Primary Author(s): Galasiu A D, Atif M R

Source: Bldg. Environ., April 2002, vol.37, no.4, 363-377, 12 figs, 6 tabs, 13 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103194 Abs 20020343

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