Fire engineering


Presents five brief articles dealing with aspects of fire engineering - 1) Kennett S, Points out that computer modelling is sometimes the only way to demonstrate how a building and its occupants will react when a fire breaks out. Reports a unified modelling approach developed by a UK company which allows the same model to be used for various applications. 2) Passingham A, Explains the fire engineering challenge posed by Cornwall's Eden Project, with its high occupant numbers and unusual design, and describes how the challenge was met, 3) Senders J, Explains the importance of the BASEC certification mark in enabling specifiers and buyers to distinguish a dependable, conforming product from a potentially unreliable one, 4) Hannah M, Examines the raft of guidance that makes up the UK's fire legislation and discusses the direction it is taking, 5) Smith D, Explains the background to the Construction products Directive, and how it will affect testing for fire safety in the UK.

Primary Author(s): Kennett S, Passingham A, et al

Source: Bldg. Serv. J. CIBSE, April 2002, vol.24, no.4, 45-59, figs, tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103400 Abs 20020504

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