Daylight linked dimming: effect on fluorescent lamp performance


Notes that a control system based on daylight makes great demands on lamps and ballasts. Reports a lamp life test to study the effect of dimming on lamp life and the lumen maintenance of fluorescent lamps. States the results show that with electronic ballasts, lamps will reach the nominal lamp life even if the lamps are dimmed according to the daylight illuminance. When lamps burn continuously at low dimming levels, the lumen maintenance factor is larger than when lamps burn undimmed. Concludes that the effect of dimming on lamp life and lumen maintenance factor is thus not an obstacle to the combined use of daylight and artificial lighting.

Primary Author(s): Tetri E

Source: Ltg. Res. Technol., 2002, vol.34, no.1, 3-10, 4 figs, 2 tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103385 Abs 20020489

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