BMS and alarms get their wires crossed


States that in a few years it may not be unusual to see fire alarms sharing the cables used by building management and computer networks. At present, fire alarms have dedicated cables, separate from any building management or IT network, but this could change if proposed alterations to the CIBSE 'Fire Engineering - Guide E' and Part 1 of BS 5839 : Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings, are accepted. Discusses the current reasons for not wiring fire detectors via a BMS and addresses these concerns. Concludes that with increasingly complex BMS systems - often linked to or even sharing a fibre optic IT network - now being specified for new, high profile buildings, it may only be a matter of time before the fire alarm is integrated into a unified communication network.

Primary Author(s): Stephens M

Source: Elect. Times, April 2002, 29-30, 1 fig.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103474 Abs 20020578

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