Cool thermal storage - is it still cool?


States that the widespread application of cool thermal energy storage (TES) in the US was driven primarily by utility rebates and other economic incentives. Points out that although this support may have diminished, the fundamental strengths of the technology have not. Reviews key engineering considerations that continue to support the use of thermal storage in a wide variety of applications in the US and elsewhere and highlights developments that are increasing the technology's application range, utility and reliability. Discusses sizing and site-energy effects, integrated design with TES, technology developments, international markets, and competing technologies. Concludes that system integration is essential to realising the full benefit of TES, but this does not imply that complexity is needed.

Primary Author(s): Bahnfleth W P

Source: Heat. Pip. Air Condit. Engng., April 2002, vol.74, no.4, 49-54, 2 figs, 15 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103492 Abs 20020596

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