Compact counterflow gas cooler for R-744


States that the exit temperature from the gas cooler is an extremely important parameter affecting the efficiency of the transcritical air conditioning and heat pump cycle. Interest in carbon dioxide as a refrigerant recently led to the development and testing of several prototypes, all of cross-flow design. Employs a simulation model to analyse trade-offs (pressure drop vs. heat transfer) involved in approaching counter-flow configuration through multi-slab configurations. Also presents the first experimental confirmation of the model.

Primary Author(s): Bullard C W, Yin J M, Hrnjak P S

Source: ASHRAE Trans., 2002, vol.108, part 1, paper number AC-02-1-3, 487-491, 8 figs, 3 tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103791 Abs 20020761

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