Vent-terminal locations as related to air infiltration and indoor air quality


States guidelines are being developed in the US to eventually help specify minimum separation distances between vent terminals for fuel-burning appliances and doors, windows or outdoor air intakes. Reports results comparing evolving ASHRAE specifications with those in the National Fuel Gas Code of the National Fire Protection Association and the American National Standards Institute. Findings include how standards and proposals specify minimum separation distances, how the actual minima compare with each other and with predictions of an air quality-based vent plume dispersion model and experimental data, and finally the consequences of this new information.

Primary Author(s): Reuther J J, Hemphill R J

Source: ASHRAE Trans., 2002, vol.108, part 1, paper number AC-02-3-3, 563-571, 3 figs, 4 tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103793 Abs 20020763

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