Benefits of external wall insulation


Explains that external wall insulation (EWI), either new or retrofitted, offers a range of energy saving options and can also serve as a protective surface to shield and repair damaged facades of buildings and is often used as a way of countering the ingress of damp into structures. Discuses its use in new building and refurbishment. Discusses external insulation basics and explains the characteristics of wet render systems and dry systems. Illustrates in diagrams how EWI acts to protect against problems of condensation and damp in buildings caused by interstitial condensation and presents a cost comparisons of EWI systems.

Primary Author(s): Napper S

Source: Resource, April 2002, vol.10, no.4, 15-16, 2 figs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103610 Abs 20020644

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