The Deep: water feature


Describes the £45.5 million landmark project, The Deep, an aquarium in a 72,000m2 building telling the story of the oceans in the past, present and future. The building houses more than 100 species of marine life and around 3 million litres of water plus a research initiative managed by Hull University. Describes the progress a visitor makes through the exhibits and gives details of the service provision, including low-level house lighting adding atmosphere, a public address/voice alarm system and an L1 analogue addressable fire alarm, both monitored by the building management system, in addition to numerous air handling and fan coil units scattered around the building for heating and cooling. Note the careful choice of equipment to take account of the corrosion risk from the high salt content and humidity in the atmosphere. Describes the £700,000 Total Environment Simulator as a key part of the research centre.

Primary Author(s): Brice A

Source: Elect. Times, May 2002, 20-22.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103617 Abs 20020651

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