Looking down the plughole


Defines plugholing in smoke ventilation systems as the unwanted phenomenon whereby an exhaust ventilator draws clean air from below the smoke layer, so that the ventilator exhausts a mixture of smoky gases from the smoke layer and clean air from below the smoke layer. Notes the need to take this into account in time-dependent smoke-filling calculations. Proposes a calculation method which shows that plugholing can have a significant effect on such calculations and that it is strongly dependent on the circumstances of the fire growth and of the building geometry.

Primary Author(s): Morgan H, Compton P

Source: Bldg. Serv. J. CIBSE, May 2002, vol.24, no.5, 60-62, 4 figs, 5 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103644 Abs 20020678

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