Feature: Indoor air quality


Presents five short articles dealing with aspects of indoor air quality (IAQ) - 1) Ward S, Considers some of the hidden dangers that may lurk in air handling systems with ineffectual or inappropriate filtration, 2) French G, Stresses the importance of maintaining an adequate level of relative humidity to ensure correct IAQ, 3) Lees I, Notes that one of the major benefits of displacement ventilation is the provision of good air quality in the occupied zone. Explains how mixed floor-mounted air mixing systems using high-induction outlets can produce similar, if not identical, IAQ for displacement systems, 4) Booth W, Describes how on-site monitoring can help prove that the quality of air actually provided in a building comes up to the design requirements, 5) Josserand O, States that just as air conditioning enable control to be exerted over the temperature in buildings, so new technology is increasing the scope for controlling IAQ. Describes the work of one company in this field.

Primary Author(s): Booth W, Lees I, et al

Source: Bldg. Serv. Environ. Engr., May 2002, vol.25, no.9, 27-33.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103747 Abs 20020717

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