Hot housing


Examines the requirements for heating indoor swimming pools. States that the problem is not heating the pools, but moisture control. Evaporation from the pool is the greatest contribution to running costs. Points to the expense and waste of exhaust systems which simply remove hot air with moisture in it, and also fresh air systems that introduce a continuous flow of fresh air without energy recovery. Discusses air recirculation systems with exhaust air heat exchangers, desiccant dryer systems and heat pump dehumidifiers. Goes on to discuss the operation and characteristics of different water and air heating systems and describes the benefits and flexibility of packaged systems combining dehumidification, air heating and water heating, fresh air supply and controls. Considers how combined heat and power fits into the equation and states they can provide extremely cost effective solutions in the larger, more complex commercial environment.

Primary Author(s): Kneale G

Source: Swimming Pool News, May 2002, no.48, 65-68.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103755 Abs 20020725

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