Model of a solar-assisted heat pump system for space heating integrating a thermal energy storage un


Describes a model developed to analyse a complex space heating system. Solar air heaters provide thermal energy for driving a vapour compression heat pump and for other purposes. States a (sensible heat) thermal energy storage (TES) unit ensures a more efficient use of the collected solar energy. Describes the TES operation by two non-linear coupled partial differential equations for the temperature of the storage medium and heat transfer fluid respectively. Presents the two main operating modes of the space heating system. The electric power required by the motor of the heat pump's compressor is lower in the case of the space heating system that includes a TES unit as compared to the simple solar-assisted heat pump system. States the saving in electric energy varies between 20-35% during the months that the TES unit is uncharged and more than 50% for the months when the TES unit is charged.

Primary Author(s): Badescu V

Source: Energy Bldgs., 2002, vol.34, no.7, 715-726, 10 figs, 1 tab, 30 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103846 Abs 20020815

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