HVAC duct system design using dynamic programming method


Reports on the design of an HVAC duct system using the dynamic programming method (DPM), which considered system pressure equilibrium and the least life-cycle cost to derive the duct size and fan capacity.  The limit on duct diameter or flow velocity was added to the computation process.  As a result, the derived outcome satisfied all the requirements of duct diameter or flow velocity. Claimed that the computation needed in DPM is simpler than most methods that consider the least life-cycle cost, making DPM a successful method for duct system design.

Primary Author(s): Ting C C., Chen W-L., Chen S-L., et al

Source: ASHRAE Trans., 2002, vol.108, part 1, paper number 4500, p86-95, 9 figs., 7 tabs.,refs

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103926 Abs 20022357

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