Commissioning HVAC Systems: Guidance on the division of responsibilities


Presents an update of TM 1/88. Notes that the use of specialist HVAC commissioning firms is now common in the UK. States that consensus opinion is that the commissioning specialists' performance is sometimes below that purchased under their terms of engagement or subcontract. Considers that this state largely exists because the parties in a project do not understand their individual and collective responsibilities for HVAC commissioning occurring at the various stages of a building project. Suggests that most projects where a HVAC commissioning specialist is to be appointed would benefit from a clear understanding of the division of responsibilities. Main section headings are - Introduction, Commissioning, Reporting activities, The commissioning specialist, Recommendation, Glossary. In an appendix, supplies a division of responsibilities schedule for HVAC works.

Primary Author(s): Wild J

Source: BSRIA May 2002, TM 1/88.1, 14pp, 1 tab

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103841 Abs 20022341

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