Focus: Sprinklers


Presents six short articles discussing aspects of sprinkler protection in the UK - 1) Loweth L, Examines whether the use of sprinklers in houses in multiple occupation is a cost-effective method of reducing deaths and injuries caused by fire, 2) Pigot J, Argues that any revision of DD251:2000 must include a clear definition of what constitutes a domestic and residential system, 3) Moore J, Describes some of the differences between the standards developed for sprinkler systems in commercial, domestic and residential premises, 4) Crook R, Explains how a sprinkler project in Bedforshire has turned a high-risk house of multiple occupation into a property that is well-protected from fire, 5) Richards A, Stresses the importance of a method of assessing the technical competency of sprinkler installations, 6) Ackland R, Discusses why water-based extinguishing systems have been growing in importance over recent years.

Primary Author(s): Loweth L, Pigot G, et al

Source: Fire Prev., Fire Engrs J., June 2002, 30-43, figs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103856 Abs 20020825

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