Series-series counterflow for central chilled water plants


States that when a project is large enough to justify the evaluation of several designs, engineers are more than willing to explore new solutions. The viability of prospective solutions can then be gauged using criteria such as life-cycle cost, simplicity and first cost. Reports that the scale of a new central cooling plant located in Washington, D.C. warranted this type of innovative engineering. The owner outsourced the design, construction and operation of the 10,500 ton (36 900 kW) chilled water plant to an energy service company. States that various combinations of absorption chillers and engine-driven generator/chillers were considered during the conceptual phase of design. The final evaluation examined 11 combinations of plant configurations and flow rates. Shows five of the combinations in a table and illustrates and describes how the selected design not only arranges the evaporators in series, but also arranges the condensers in series using a counterflow configuration. Gives details of the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Primary Author(s): Groenke S, Schwedler M

Source: ASHRAE J., June 2002, vol.44, no.6, 23-31, 4 figs, 2 tabs, 17 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103866 Abs 20020835

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