Microchannel gas coolers for carbon dioxide air-conditioning systems


Presents a novel, near-counterflow gas cooler for CO2 air-conditioning systems.  The configuration, which uses microchannel tubes and multilouver fins, is suited for nonisothermal heat transfer in CO2 gas coolers.  The model uses heat exchanger geometry and inlet conditions as the inputs to predict the overall duty as well as temperature profiles of the refrigerant and air.  The model allows the effect of design conditions such as air and CO2 mass flow rates, and geometric parameters on heat transfer rates and pressure drops to be investigated.  Also provided, through detailed refrigerant and air temperature profiles, preliminary indications that conductive heat transfer in the heat exchanger tube walls and fins may play a role in determining the overall heat duty.

Primary Author(s): Garimella S

Source: ASHRAE Trans., 2002, vol.108, part 1, paper number AC-02-1-4, p492-499, 9 figs., 2 tabs., refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103945 Abs 20022374

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