Developing a standard method of test for packaged, solid-desiccant-based dehumidification systems


Reports on a draft method of test (MOT) for packaged, air-to-air, desiccant-based dehumidifier systems that incorporate a thermally regenerated desiccant material for dehumidification.  The MOT is intended to function as the 'system' testing and rating complement to the desiccant 'component' and rating standard (ARI 1998) already adopted by industry.  Only the ventilation mode of operation, which uses outdoor air for both process and regeneration, is addressed in the paper.  Performance of the dehumidification system is presented in terms that would be most familiar to designers of building HVAC systems to facilitate integration of desiccant equipment with more conventional hardware.

Primary Author(s): Pietsch J A., Vineyard E A., Sand J R

Source: ASHRAE Trans., 2002, vol.108, part 1, paper number AC-02-4-3, p597-607, 6 figs., 3 tabs., refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103949 Abs 20022378

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