Full-scale sprinklered fire tests Full-scale sprinklered fire tests


Discusses the main factors that impact on the effectiveness of full-scale sprinklered fire tests applicable to the protection of stored commodities.  Provides information relating to: 1) Limitations, assumptions, and safety factors associated with full-scale fire test-derived design criteria, 2) Sprinkler systems, 3) Ignition scenarios, 4) Storage arrays, 5) Ceiling position, 6) Test commodity, 7) Pass/fail criteria, 8) Use of test results, 9) Costs, 10) Access to data.

Primary Author(s): Nugent D P.

Source: Fire Prot. Engng., Summer 2002, Issue no 15, 40-44, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000104262 Abs 20022670

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